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Reduce Forces

Tuff Tow unit reduces the forces associated with towing largely to the inertial forces of the trailer.

Stabilized Steering

Tuff Tow provides additional road and steering control making for a smooth ride for your trailer contents and tow vehicle.

High Quality Construction

Tuff Tow is built to last - units over 20 years old are still on the road.

Exceptional Service

Ever have a problem with your unit? Real customer service. Made in the USA.


You've heard of horsepower, but do you know about Oxpower? The Tuff Tow's Oxpower™ design counteracts the forces beyond
inertia ensuring that any SUV, Truck, Motorhome, etc., contends only with the weight of the trailer, not the stress of the ride.


Where to Buy


Tuff Tow

Tuff Tow supplies and units may be bought nationwide through leading RV, Motorhome, and Trailer dealers. Both new and used trailers carrying loads of 3-10 tons on double axels are eligible. If you have difficulty finding a dealer, contact us at (218) 232-2814.



Interested in becoming an authorized Tuff Tower dealer, OEM Installer, or looking to find a Tuff Tow Units & Parts dealer near you? Contact Tuff Tow today!


Parts & Service

Do you own a Tuff Tow and need service? No problem. We have parts in stock and can resupply you with stabilizers, wheels, mounts, and other help/parts/service needed. For more info, check out the Tuff Tow parts we have on the website. We have Tuff Tow's that are functioning perfectly over 20 years old. Contact us at (218) 232-2814.

Why to Buy from Us?

  • Tow the "real" capability of your vehichle by reducing the stress associated with torsion and load imbalance.
  • No more white knuckle towing – safely load and tow the largest loads without the trailer drive you down the road.
  • Smooth ride – the stabilized ride of Tuff Tow means precious cargo will be undisturbed by the stresses and energy imparted by the connection between the tongue and the tow vehicle.
  • High Quality Construction – whether installed in new trailer or a used one (aftermarket) Tuff Tow is built to last.
  • Made in the USA. Exceptional Customer Service. 20+ Year Old Company with thousands of installations nationwide.

Tuff Tow can be installed on your present trailer
or contact one of our dealers for installation on a new trailer.

"I have owned my Tuff Tow unit since 2009. My wife and I are full time on the road and have driven over 64000 miles with the Tuff Tow unit.
We haul cars all over the U.S. Some of the cars we haul are in the $500,000 to $1,000,000 value range. While using the Tuff Tow unit, we have found that
the cars don't move around in the trailer. The Tuff Tow unit takes all the bounce and rebound out of towing a trailer.
There is nothing that can do the job of the Tuff Tow! Tuff Tow is the cheapest insurance you can buy for your cargo and your motor home."

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